READING FOR HUMANITY! Month Ahead: October 2018 with The Hermetic Tarot

Ok y’all, I am like super blown away by The Hermetic Tarot. I know it’s an older deck and people are used to it, but it’s my first encounter! I bought it on a whim to learn the symbology but like… it’s powerful. So I decided to do a read for humanity for the month ahead using it. The power of the cards I drew are giving me the chills.

PAST: 9 of Pentacles. I see as the foundation of the month ahead the work that we’ve diligently done in our lives towards our independence and wellbeing, with gratitude and stability.

PRESENT: The Last Judgment: Ok, so I showcased this very card from The Cosmic Tarot on yesterday’s post, and here it is again in our Present! We are undergoing a period of deep introspection guys, as we heed that reverberating trumpet’s call of judgment of our lives and in our shared life as Humanity. We are constantly being called back to alignment with our innermost purpose, for the happiness of all involved.

FUTURE: The Blasted Tower: Up ahead this month for us is the continuous crumbling of stale thought patterns and beliefs, and events that may cause us to be shaken to our core as a collective. This month will be enlightening yet challenging as we all rush together towards growth after destruction or undoing.

“WE”: Justice. It’s Libra season, folks! Justice repeats the theme of Judgement and speaks of our deep work of seeing ourselves truly without deceit of the self or of others. TIME TO GET REAL! Time to be alright with the consequences of our past mistakes and of the conditions we have set for ourselves, and to move forward based on the wisdom acquired through that introspection. This is a month that will seek to bring us back to center through the adjustment of our extremes. We are also invited to delve into the Libra energy and everything that this season represents.

INFLUENCES: Temperance. This being a season of balance, the blasting that we will receive for our awakening will be counterbalanced by an energy of healing, calming and learning through mistakes. Despite the holy challenges I see up ahead for us, we will not lose our heads as we remain grounded in our missions. Notice how this card’s title is “Daughter of the Reconcilers”, who is heralded after the Justice card, that is titled “Daughter of the Lord of Truth”. It is as though after Truth is encountered, it must be integrated and healed through Reconciliation.

ADVICE: Chariot. March on forward my loves! Let us use this month of deep Justice for our growth, evolution, and forward momentum. I feel like most of us have done a lot of healing work in the last couple of months, so this month, when we feel challenged or when upheaval arrives, let us have a fighting spirit instead of retreating. Sometimes we just need to kick ourselves in the pants and use periods of difficulty as growth. In other words, avoid the desire to lie back down. Instead, harness your inner strength, and ride that beautiful Chariot onward and upward, not only for your personal growth but for our evolution as a species. This is the “Lord of the Triumph of Light”. Light will win out even when it looks the darkest.

OUTCOME: The Empress. Again, growth. Creation. We are headed towards a month of deep learning, evolution and growth in the face of adversity. Let us hold on to our connection to the Divine Feminine and draw compassion for ourselves and for our brothers and sisters as we go into this month. Speak the truth, and speak loudly against the establishment, but resist the urge to blast at any individual that is near you (not speaking about politicians here!). In any event, the great Mother is waiving at us to go through this process so she can birth us again. Love and understanding are at the end of the journey, but there is much reckoning to be done prior to then.

Crowning the deck is The Hanged Man, which I take as a good omen because I picked out this one card from this deck to showcase on my Stories yesterday. He is also saying that our perceptions will be shifted away from avoidance and towards acceptance of how the difficulties of life can bring us growth and evolution.

So, my dear friends, I sense a month of reckoning for us as a human community. Events will unfold that will demand truth from us, but healing will be available at every step. The destination is glorious, so let us keep our eyes on the prize (that is growth), but let us not deceive ourselves. Let us not retreat, but instead act mightily in the name of the Light. Our perspectives will be judged and turned upside down. But we can welcome that with faith and trust in what The Empress mother is urging us on to embrace.

Wishing us all much strength, faith and illumination. Have an amazing October!