Herbal Medicine Cabinet for the Soul: Basil, Burdock, Passionflower and Lotus!

Are you feeling spiritually under the weather? Or just need a little pick-me-up?! Mantis has wares! Check out today’s herbal medicine. Take one, or two, or whatever you need! Take as much as you’d like, for the Source is abundant and without end.

BASIL (2 of Wands): Take some of this to fight any inflammation in your being that is preventing you from getting up and moving on! Making decisions that are in alignment with the fire in your heart brings with it the freshest of aromas, sure to elevate your spirits and reduce any pain that comes from inaction.

BURDOCK (4 of Cups): Burdock increases circulation and aids digestion. Is your emotional circulatory system a bit stagnant? Are there emotions stuck, or is negativity accumulating in you? Well, look no further and take a bit of this medicine. It may feel as though darkness is all there is, but how are we failing to see the good that is always here? As we sip the tea of gratitude, the fogs of pessimism begin to dissipate. Let the bad vibes flow away, and begin to realize the okay-ness of this very moment.

PASSIONFLOWER (2 of Swords): Mental fog? Confusion? Indecision? Perhaps postpone doing anything for now. Passiflora is anti-anxiety, relaxing, and calming. Here, here, have some please! Like the tendrils of this vine, hang on to your surroundings for now. Relax in this instant, and leave those decisions for when you feel a bit better.

LOTUS (Ace of Cups): Suffering from ego takeover? Feeling disconnected from All That Is?  Have you retracted into a sad little cocoon? Look no further, the lotus is your friend. It halts evacuation of the higher-self awareness, and helps retain the connection to the divine. Have some lotus to access the ever-flowing source of spiritual refreshment that is inside each one of our hearts today and always.