Reading for the New Moon in Libra 2018

New Moon cycle! Yesterday I was playing around with the Golden Dawn spread found in this deck’s little guide book.

Current/ guiding influences: Temperance; King of Discs and 9 of Wands.

How things are developing: 5 of Cups, The Moon, 7 of Wands

More distant future: 6 of Wands, Death, 4 of Discs

Psychological state: The Hermit, Queen of Discs, Page of Discs

Karma, destiny, advice: 4 of Swords, 8 of Swords, Ace of Discs

I believe the message of this spread is to use the upcoming New Moon in Libra and this new lunar cycle as an opportunity to manifest actual harmony in our lives. We see 3 of the Disc court cards: Page, Queen and King. This speaks of growing levels of mastery in the material realm. If we proceed with focus solely on the material aspects of life, we will be left with less than ideal emotional states (5oC), fear of loss (Moon) and in a precarious emotional situation (7oW).

However, once our desire for material stability (King oD) is balanced out and harmonized (Temperance) with our sense of personal power, inner development and spiritual knowing (9oW), we will reach not only material stability (4oD), but also a sense of inner joy and completeness (6oW) and a transformation on the way we see life (Death).

Psychologically we are motivated by an inward movement that we undertook (Hermit) and that brought us to a full appreciation of our health and finances but a desire to grow more in that area (Queen oD) and engage in new related things (Page oD).

Our introspection has resulted in insight (4oS) and our destiny is to act from there, despite the karmic tendencies that seek to keep us tied to old modes of existing (8oS) and living in balance with the different aspects of reality: the material, the mental, the emotional, and so forth. The advice with the Ace of Discs is to go ahead with engaging in new endeavors and in creating new things, but without getting lost in them and always returning to that place of harmonization among the multiple life forces.

We speak so much of harmony and balance, and we have the tools to bring them into existence in our lives. We are urged to use the power of this New Moon in Libra for that purpose! Set your intention for harmony in your life.