The Lovers: Inner Alignment with the Wolves [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

So today’s message is short and sweet. I love The Lovers card on the Lumina (I know, I know, I say that about Lumina cards a lot). First, I love wolves. Second, I appreciate the dance of the two wolves around the circle of what I imagine to be the center of our being. This morning I just noticed that the two wolves are not identical. The one that is upright has a gentler demeanor. However, the upside-down one seems to be growling or holding an aggressive stance. The Lovers card is often about inner alignment. Alignment with our own values, with our hearts’ desires and callings, with our soul’s purpose, with the choices we make.
I like to think that the upright wolf represents a self that is in good alignment. She looks towards the Three of Cups and the joy and contentment; the ease of being that arises out of inner harmony. On the other hand, the upside-down wolf can represent misalignment. In that state, we may be angry at ourselves or the world, emotionally unstable, and overall just feeling crappy. That wolf points to The Hermit. The angry misaligned wolf calls on us to check in with ourselves, judge our actions in accordance to truth, be real about our path, be real about what we need to drop or let go of, practice inner care and gentle healing.
So if you feel like an angry wolf, take a dive within. Maybe if you do, your joy will be regained. This is something that is not necessarily related to the larger arch of your life. It could be a moment-to-moment checking in with yourself, particularly if your emotional and mental states tend to fluctuate a bit wildly throughout the day.
I hope you have a happy wolf day! And not an angry wolf day. Unless you’re angry at the system. If so, have at it!