Week Ahead: Mental Clarity and Agility

Happy Sunday my dear people! Here’s our reading for the week ahead. I used a Past/Present/Future/Advice simple spread.

In the Past we have The Empress. What I’m sensing from her is the brooding and nurturing of ourselves and of our ideas that many of us have undergone in the previous week. We took care of our ourselves and our loved ones with compassion; and also reflected upon how we can streamline our projects to enable creativity while stifling undue stress and overcommitting.

That inner work has led us to the present state of mental clarity of the Ace of Swords. Many of us may be getting a clear idea of what we need to do moving forward and what needs to be chopped off and be whittled away. There’s a fresh burst of mental focus.

In the Future this week we got The Hermit, showing that as we listen to our wise conclusions, we enter a phase of listening to the inner guidance and taking steps accordingly. With this clear mind it is much easier to hear the voice of wisdom that comes from within. If you feel alone in this task, it’s ok, this is a journey of personal growth.

The Advice card is the 7 of Swords, which I believe is telling us to act with stealth and smarts as we proceed this week. Let that Ace of Swords allow you to leave behind any “Swords” that are weighing you down. Carry only that which you can hold. Smaller obstacles may present themselves but with your nimble skills you can navigate them.

So: this week is about mental clarity, getting real about listening to inner guidance, acting swiftly and with agility, and dropping the extra weight. I see good results and progress for those of us that do.

Travel ‘Light’ly!