Strong Mind, Strong Heart

Hm! Some masculine / stable energies coming through for us today. 2 kings, 1 knight, 1 sword and 6 wands (Tee Hee!). The basis of this reading is the King of Swords, nudging us towards a sense of victory, accomplishment and confident undertaking with the 6 of Wands. As you see the 6 of Wands contains elemental symbols on top. The symbol for Air is to the left pointing to the King of Swords and his mighty Ace Sword. Next to it is the symbol for Water pointing to the Knight of Cups. The rightmost symbol is Earth, nudging at the Earth King.

I’ve spoken before about how the Knight of Cups to me oftentimes signifies leading our lives from the goodness of our hearts and letting our subconscious lead the way. There is a downside to that, however, when we allow our surface emotions to color everything we see—when we act impulsive based off immediate strong emotions without much depth. A real life example that comes to mind is when we cannot get our emotions out of the way and hang on to our hope for certain very specific outcomes despite what our cards or God is telling us to be the truth of the matter. I see this very often with some sweet folks who hold out hope for love interests who are clearly a lost cause (at least for the moment). Pursuing things from an unbalanced heart filled with prejudicial emotions is one sure way to invite defeat.

But we’re not beings of emotions only! We’re being of mind and intellect. The King of Swords invites us to use the clarity of his Ace as a mighty sword that cuts through our self-bullshit system. I understand that being truthful about our situation can hurt. But once freed from the moors of emotional blindness, we can let our beautiful hearts lead the way once again, but towards freedom, healing and love instead of towards self-deceit and further pain. The King of Pents points to a gentle stability, maturity and practical wisdom that is achievable once we do that.

So: let us not lead our lives with a muddied heart. Dwell in your deepest truth, cutting away inner lies. The love that we need may come from many sources, let us not limit the Universe in how it can show love for us.