Annihilating Self-victimization [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

Have you noticed the oftentimes incessant voice of victimization that goes on in our heads? Ever caught your mind creating an imaginary scenario in which you would be put down, humiliated, wronged, or made the victim? While there are plenty of true victims in the world, many people go their entire lives allowing their active victimhood imagination to run rampant and cause all kinds of havoc in their inner realities. However, as The Tower shows, once you realize what you’re doing to yourself and how the small self develops a kind of sick taste for victimization, you peek into a reality of greater peace and stronger self-assurance. The simple realization of this truth is the first step in that direction.

The LWB for this wonderful deck says that the Youth (Knight) of Swords calls on us to dispel the little stories we tell about ourselves in our head: imaginary arguments; made-up defense narratives; invented catastrophes. If we don’t, we succumb to the reality of the Five of Cups and its blue heart of sorrow. Notice how much your inner stories affect your mood and disposition throughout the day. You’ll be surprised by how much our mind inflicts damage on our own hearts. But we have the power to change that, and it begins with just noticing the stories and catching them as they progress. Do not meet them with further judgement. You may want to take note of what it’s saying about you, and then discard it. It’s up to you. In any event, the color blue on that heart is a call for the truth that soothes the aching soul.

I asked for an Angelarium card to go with this reading, and I got Hasmed, the Angel of Annihilation. His message is to drop that which is untrue. Goes very well! You can see the picture on the next post.