Stunted Growth? Don’t throw it all away… yet! [READING FOR HUMANITY]

Hi! Just some quick observations about this interesting draw. Note, the sequence I actually pulled was 2 of Wands + Page of Swords + 3 of Wands (I accidentally reversed the order while taking the picture outside earlier). Sometimes I think the Tarot likes to teach us how to read tarot and about life by creating interesting relationships among the cards. I think this is what we have here today.

The 2 of Wands and 3 of Wands are a sequence in the unfoldment of spirit, life, passion and creativity. The 2 of Wands represents, and I’m drawing from The Fountain LWB here, “optimism, boldness…’the world in your hands’.” It speaks of making bold choices in life with an eye towards the expansion of our horizons. These horizons appear in the next card in the suit, the 3 of Wands, which in turn is a card of “focused effort, strength….dedication, success.” This is the card that positively affirms our efforts and shows an expansion of our creative and manifesting abilities.

But the tarot chose to place the Page of Swords in between the two (btw, I love this card on the Fountain!). This guy is a “mental risk-taker” with “strong insight, eager confidence, intellectual innovation.” So to put it all together, I believe this is saying that in between our bold choices, and their growth as expansion in our lives, there lies our mental acuity, our ability to take risks, our insight and confidence. So just because something we’ve invested in is not growing, it does not mean we’ve made the wrong choices. Lack of confidence or other personal characteristics may stunt the growth of any endeavor. So, next time a project, endeavor or passion work is not expanding, don’t just declare it barren and thrown it out! See how you can adapt your skills, mental strengths, and attitude to promote growth! Transform your energies rather than wasting them! Take good care 🙂