Transmuting Hardship into Light [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

Look at these radiant energies coming through to bring us healing and hope! As beings of immense transformative power, we contain within us the ability to transmute all that is not in accordance to light, truth and harmony into learning, into peace, into compassion for ourselves and our path, and for others and their journeys. The 5 of Pentacles reveals the many difficulties we undergo as we sojourn this Earth during our lifetime. We are not alone—we huddle together to brace the storms—but still, we have faced and will continue facing winds of devastation and rains of disturbance that eat away at our personality and shape us into incredible sculptures that reveal on their face the history of our travel through this life.

The winds of reality that howl like a beast chip away at who we think we are until nothing is left but bones. The skeleton remains, however, are not laid to waste. The Hierophant raises them high in a bold display of the powers of resurrection and rebirth. We resurrect each time we die to old ways and to decrepit things; and are born to new life, new thoughts, and to a fresh outlook of the world. We let our experiences not be transformed into trauma, but to be transmuted into teaching, into spirit stories, into lessons to be told to our future selves and to those around us that need help to get back up on their feet. In that way, our lives become like the blessing hands on The Sun–releasing warmth, truth, healing and new joy onto the souls that they touch.

Despite of your past or present hardship, strive to be the Light. You were not born for suffering. If you are called for spiritual service, raise the skeletons of your survival up high, like a shining beacon of goodness and love, of hope and joyful expectation for those that need. Trust me, they will come. The world needs healing. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” [Luke 10:2].