Cooling the Arrows with Forgiveness

The tarot can be so literal at times. Also, it’s so important to have a clear mind and focus while you shuffle. I was really foggy-headed this morning due to allergy medicine, and as I shuffled the deck for my Reading for Humanity, my mind was not clear. It had drifted off into an old complaining pattern of thought about some rehashed issues I’ve had with my personal social media in the last few years since my very religious family and childhood friends “took over” Facebook and I found myself causing family-wide drama by way of mundane posts like I had been doing for years before they migrated over. Well, for that the tarot gave me the 5 of Wands, which shows two bucks butting heads. This is a card of conflict, particularly of opinions. Perfect description for the scenario! It also shows my own aggressiveness in defending what I think needs defense.

As I repeated the mantra “what they think of me is not my business”, I could sense myself being bothered by the judgement anyways. The little comments with hidden meaning. The requests that I take this or that down (nothing scandalous, my FB is super vanilla). For that, the tarot gave me, of course, the Judgement card. It doesn’t normally mean social judgement but I think today and here, it does. Not only the judgement I receive, but the judgement that I shoot back. I find myself lumping them together and judging them wholesale—exactly what I hate being done to me.

The medicine – Temperance. That sweet angel of integration. It cools the fire from the 5oW with waters of equanimity, of patience, of virtue. One of the hands of the figure is raised, the other is down. The one that is down is deflecting the arrows being flung at her. The hand that is raised offers forgiveness and blessing instead. In other words: act from a higher perspective. See through the contracted worldviews that commenced the attack and refuse to engage in the same, or to even allow it to affect the inner peace. Not with a sense of superiority, but certainly with confidence in our commitment to respect, to love, to conscious evolution. No more allergy medicine for me today, I will stick with a healthy dose of Temperance.