Your Inner Radiance is Never Tarnished [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

Ok, guys, something cool happened. I’ve been working with Tiger’s Eye stone for the last couple of days, and I’ve been mesmerized by its appearance and color properties. This stone can be used for keeping you optimistic, to change your perspective, give you strength and courage. I’m intuiting that it helps us see through the pain and suffering and into our perfect, unblemished indwelling being. You can see that on the stone itself, but I will explain how in a video on a separate post later! Red and regular Tiger’s Eye can be seen on the top row of this photo, and on top of the deck.

Anyways, this morning the Tarot gives us a TIGER on the Ace of Wands card! It is so relevant, and not only because of the name of the stone, but because the Ace of Wands can refer to the inner spark of life that is the very source of our being. It is the piece of the Divine that can never be tarnished or damaged. It shines brightly and purely forevermore.

This brilliance, however, becomes obscured as we incarnate as human beings and experience life. The 6 of Cups Reversed speaks to this. It speaks to the events that cause marks upon our personality in the form of trauma; to things that happened to us that cause us to recoil in fear; to damaging memories. It’s referring to all of the psycho-emotional things that seem to tarnish our original purity.

But beyond those marks, scars, and blemishes, there remains our eternal inner glory. The Sun today speaks of the shining radiance of the spirit that is bright as a day that never ends. The Sun means clear awareness and pure being. I find this all very warming and comforting, knowing that despite what I think are my flaws, my blemishes, my error, my blindness, my shortcomings… beyond and besides all this I am still whole, perfect, complete, loving, joyful and unblemished.

No matter what the damage that this earthsuit that we are wearing suffers, the inner astronaut is ever unharmed. In the midst of darkness, remember that. Always know of and be in touch with your original face, with your original radiance, beautiful and shiny like the eye of a tiger.