Harmony Through Breaking Free [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

The 2 of Coins from the Fountain has been showing up a lot on my collective readings of late. I see this time as a great period for us to get in the groove with life as to our goals, responsibilities, demands and needs. Forces are at play that can really balance this out for us. This card is depicted interestingly on this deck with how the arm and hand that are balancing the coins/infinity symbol looking like a sea deity’s, breaching out of the dark and turbulent waters with power and might. It represents rising up from emotional waters and from fluctuating emotional states with a sense of self-empowerment and belief in oneself. But in this reading, how does that surfacing work? How do we come up for air after we feel like we are drowning in so many demands, plans and projects?

Here, that ability comes from The Hierophant Rx. This is encouraging us to break free from social conformity and from what’s expected of us by others and by our own ever-judging ego. Perhaps we have encapsulated ourselves in precise methods through which we must accomplish things; or feel pressured by others in our lives and by humankind at large to act in certain ways in order to feel successful. These layers of social and personal constructs can end up suffocating our drive and drowning us in its mercilessness. So I do sense a certain positive rebellion and riot that we are being called to employ with mindfulness to get our power back.

Empowered in our ability to break free from these bondages, we are free to engage in a new emotional state that is not underwater – the Page of Cups instead is able to tap into this renewed energy and spirit with excitement and delight in advance of a phase of deep engagement with life that comes from an unfettered gusto for life and a joyous pursuit of our dreams. Empowered thus, we are able to draw even further from the well of our hearts and reach the inner fire, as we embody the Knight of Wands towards taking fierce action that is stabilized by the ground of harmony, balance, and emotional renewal that we set up for ourselves. Look at the Knight, he takes the ball and runs with it! Let’s do that too!