What Will Get You Unstuck is Already Within You [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

The thing that will get you unstuck is already within you. What will end the state of suspension and lack of progress that you may be in already exists in your mind and heart as an idea, intuitive insight, or hunch as to what you need to do and the practical steps that you need to take (Maiden of Pentacles; Hanged Man). But making it flourish is your responsibility (Strength). Only you have direct access to your own heart and to your hands and feet so that you may transform that insight into active healing and evolutionary energy in your life (Maiden of Pentacles). If you don’t heed the advice from your own heart, even if that advice seems challenging or scary, the thought will wilt and die, only to come back up again to nag you as though it were a weed when in fact it would blossom into a beautiful flower if only you allowed it enough time. The fertilizer is your inner fortitude and resolve (Strength). With it, you are able to harness your inner forces and direct them to your bidding. With it, you see that the divine advice that exists in your heart be allowed to blossom and give fruit. With it, whatever you are stuck with will be resolved, dissolved, or seen for what it truly is (Hanged Man). Whether this takes place, it is up to you. You are the gardener, and the soil too.