What We Resist, Persists: The Fool and The Tower [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

What we resist, persists. I am sure you have heard that before. Throughout our lives we are met with innumerable challenges that are here to break apart our personal constructs and our cherished worldviews, opinions, and desires. They are here to keep our self from being hardened and frozen into any specific shape, and that way they keep us in a constant state of free-flow. Resisting them seems to backfire in that the deconstruction that we try to avoid will keep at us until its work is done. But change that comes in the form of upheaval and destruction will arrive whether we are ready or not. For the spiritual practitioner, the question becomes: how to live mindfully and accepting of the unavoidable? The Tower represents the enlightenment and breakthrough that comes from the breaking apart. And The Fool shows how one can receive that with open arms. This could be easier for some of us; and a life-long effort for others. In any event, seeing Spirit in everything, including in the scary-looking walls of stormy clouds that can quickly confront us at any given moment in life, frees us to live from a place of courage, understanding and trust. Even if all the walls come crashing down—even if after the turmoil we wonder if the same person that we were is still here—the 9 of Pentacles is our sign of hope. It is the wildflower that grows from the rubbles turned into dirt by spirit and time. It represents independence, freedom, and personal strength gained through the learning of each of our soul lessons, whatever form they may come in. After the storm, the soil will be replenished with moisture and nutrients. After upheaval, we are primed for new growth. When we accept change as part of our lives, instead of being just victim-recipients, we participate as gardeners in our own evolution. Be ever ready for change—be ever ready for growth.