Maintaining Harmony with Inner Fortitude [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

Maintaining harmony and balance in our lives is not necessarily something that happens easily and spontaneously.  No—in fact, maintaining the momentum of harmony can feel like it’s taking a lot out of us. You can see that in this Two of Discs card. The lemniscate around the two coins seems to be made out of the arms of the person depicted on the card. It seems that it is our tendency to approach life in a way that will knock us off equilibrium: we work too much or too little; we indulge too much or too little; we may worry too much and then swing over to inaction. Staying in the center seems to require mindfulness, intent, and practice. It takes energy out of us, too. In an alternative interpretation of that card, balance is something that can be extended from within our being once we have uncovered the natural state of harmony within. In any event, Strength is here to confirm the place that inner fortitude has in maintaining us in a state of flow. Like the two hands in the Two of Coins, Strength extends her two hands down to control the inner beast that left unattended will knock her off her peace. So this is an invitation for us to ground ourselves in the inner balance and harmony that are available once we identify our sources of imbalance and extend our energies towards healing them. It may feel like work, but we’re simply uncovering our natural state of innocence and equilibrium that are affected and distorted by the realities of this world. Wishing you much harmony as this year ends!