Strength through Deciding to Stay in Alignment with Core Values [Reading for Humanity!]

also on my stories, I spoke about Wolf energy that is available to help us navigate emotional turbulence this week. That was from the Shaman Wisdom Cards. Well, today the Lumina also decided to give us some Wolf wisdom, this time with The Lovers! The other card is the 2 of Wands. Both of these cards speak of choices and decisions. The Lovers, moreover, sings of alignment with our core values. The message I’m getting is that we have the power to choose and decide to act in accordance to our innermost values towards life; and to have that serve as an anchor to stabilize us as we undergo any difficulty.

Deciding to stay true to our worldview and to our integrity frees up a lot of mental energy. As we gear up to face any challenges, our mind may send us in a spiral of worry as to what we will say or do. However, if we commit to act in accordance to justice, to love, and to truth in all we do, we have decided our course of action in advance, thus releasing us from any further planning or worry. For instance, if you know you will face a certain type of situation with a particular person, deciding in advance that you will act in accordance to the love and compassion of your heart will eliminate in your mind the possibility of you acting in anger or out of spite. I don’t know about you, but knowing that I may act unskillfully towards a person or situation causes me a lot of advance stress. However, once I decide, for instance, that I will speak the truth with love and kindness, I take a weight off my shoulder. Whatever the consequences are, I will have the peace of mind of knowing that I stayed true to my core values. This interplay of action and values alignment could play out in many different ways. Whatever situation you may be going through, today’s wise Wolf medicine is to stay true to the goodness of your heart as you traverse any dark patches of the forest of your life.