Let Spirit Be Your North [Reading for Humanity!]

As things get busy this time of the year, the cards today are reminding us to mind our energy levels and make sure we stay in touch with our spirit and our emotional wellbeing so that we don’t get burned out. Elk is a majestic creature, and is a very regal being in the Shaman Wisdom Cards.  Being North, he speaks of our inner direction and sense of alignment. Being Masculine and Fire, he teaches how to traverse large territories with stable energy. He does so by never losing touch of his spiritual connection, and of his body connection, and that way he keeps his mind afire. As for the Tarot, the 4 of Swords of course speaks of rest, meditation, and deep checking in with the Self. The Maiden of Cups, similarly, urges us to remain connected to the deepest, watery parts of ourselves: our spirit, our subtle body, and our subconscious mind. She reminds us to take that cup and draw from the healing waters from Within as a matter of daily practice. Armed with this beautiful water/fire energy combination, we can maintain our stamina and keep moving forward (if we want or have to) with mightiness of heart and strength of spirit. The medicine for our tired yet motivated hearts is to remain connected to our spirits and ultimately to Spirit through practice, mindfulness, self checking in, soul playfulness, gratitude and constant release. Let spirit be your North today and always. Have an amazing day!