Spirit Story: Raven and Cedar

Crow/Raven. No. 17. South/West. Masculine. Water

Cedar. No. 37. Masculine. Noth. Sun. Fire.

Predominant energies: Number 7. Masculine. No-bullshit.

The Raven descended from its perching branch in a raucus and landed before me, screeching. He would not accept being ignored. In his claws he clasped a stick. Being of Water, whatever Raven carried had come from the depths, from below and from within. It was that which is ignored and buried; but that rises up nonetheless, screaming for recognition. He gave me the stick, and I saw that it was Cedar. Cedar said “burn me.” So I put it in a shell and burned it, asking the smoke for protection. It burned my fingers. And it said it would burn my fingers again, and it did yet a second time. Cedar is Fire, after all. Cedar is Sun and it demanded that what Raven brought be allowed to surface where it would burn up as it faced with the light. This little one promises to try, Raven. I promise to try, Cedar friend.