Receiving with Mother Universe

I pulled The Empress this morning for my reading for y’all, but kept her for myself haha. I heard in my heart that I should not think about what she meant today but just to let the day show me. Well as soon as I got in the car, as I mentioned in my last post, Lindsey Mack on her wonderful podcast started speaking about this card in terms of receiving, of the deep aspect of the Universe that accepts and generates. I felt to seek my sense of protection there. I had also pulled from the Shaman Wisdom Cards, besides Turquoise, Willow (Feminine-South-Moon-Water). Willow being South can indeed speak of where we look for protection, warmth and nurture. Willow bends with the wind—willow adapts, melts, surrenders. Not in a passive or weak manner—no, no. This bending and surrendering comes from deep Wisdom. It is empowered surrender. It is deep trust. So I choose to bend too with the wind. My protection today does not come from a sense of control. It comes from losing it, knowing that our fall, in life or death, finds receptive arms. The receptive arms of our beautiful Mother that still whispers in our ears lullabies of peace.