Let’s CLEAN the HOUSE of our hearts! [READING FOR HUMANITY!]

Guys, I’m getting a really “CLEAN HOUSE!” vibe with this reading. It’s the message received both from the Shaman Wisdom Cards and confirmed by the tarot. I’m so glad for this reading because I have felt some dissonance with my readings about creating and doing at this time of the year when what we really need is resting, clearing, and priming the soil of our hearts for the busyness that is certain to greet us in 2019.

Hunting Moon, Number 7, is the Libra season energy and it asks us to prepare our homes and our inner landscape for the winter. I know, we are already in the middle of winter, but the coldest time is yet to arrive. Number 37, Cedar, is a lovely brother who asks that we burn him to clean, clear and purify. He brings Sun energy and Fire. This heralds this time of the year as a great time for inner clearing and purification. Less frantic doing, and more mindful and serene cleaning action.

From the tarot, the 5 of Cups alludes to emotional hang-ups, regrets, feelings that are stuck in our heart, loss, and all that stuff. We are invited with the Maiden of Swords to allow a new state of mind to bubble up from deep within and to take over our being. This new state of mind has a sharp sword that is used to cut off and away all the strands of mental baggage that seek to keep us down. Through clearing and purification, through the darkness of winter, we can sever those low energetic ties so that we may float up, up and away towards sunny horizons.

Pictured here is a container with Cedar smudge mix. I highly recommend, it is deeply clearing! Please take gentle care of yourself, and I don’t mean this post to urge anyone to get busy with anything. If you have the energy or will to do some deep cleaning of your things, please go for it! But clearing here could simply mean Being and remaining still as loving healing takes place. Much peace to you!