You Are a Recipient of Spirit

This Ace of Cups brings much refreshment. It refers to the ever-renewing fountain of love and well-being that emanates from Source and blesses our hearts and minds with its peace. In the classic Waite-Smith card, the image depicts a dove of Spirit diving into the Cup. It is undoutedbly reminding us that you and I are all Cups that can receive the gift of Cosmic, Divine love so much that it runs over. Of course our perception of that abundance may be blinded due to the dualities of this world. In that sense we may live a lifetime without getting to taste the fresh waters of Spirit; but a river that runs underground still runs just the same. As we silence the chatter we can hear its rushing sounds. As we hear it, we realize where to dig. And once we dig, the sweet waters spring forth. And they inspire new dreams and new wishes, as shown by the Nine of Cups. New hopes of manifesting here on Earth the deep well-being that was ours before we were even born. As chaos abounds in the world, remember to listen for the Waters. When life feels like a torrent, that’s the place where things are ever still.