Reading for Humanity! Year’s End Checking In.

The Knight of Swords in the Past position shows a year behind full of doing and of action; but since this is a Knight of the mind, it refers to many awakenings and realizations that were achieved as we were busy in the making of our own lives. This Knight has seen many new landscapes to be conquered and so did we, too, in regards to realizing all of that within ourselves that calls for discovery and development.

The Knight landed us in our Present state as the Queen of Swords. This Queen right now at this time of the year represents an appreciation of our journey so far, of all the Mental discoveries of this year. But this is a meditative appreciation, without further doing just yet. We sit with the truths we uncovered. We bathe in our new knowledge. We ponder what to do with it, but we don’t move just yet.

The Queen of Swords elegantly points to the Queen of Wands in the Future, showing that we may be a little restless to get started with our new ventures and regained enthusiasm. But we know we best heal and rest our souls at least during these days. We can taste our renewed power obtained trough the workings of our spirit, and we can’t want to embody it. It’s just around the corner. The Queen of Wands glances to her right, to the further cards that glimpse at the future.

The Hermit warns again that this a time to meditate and to Be; we may have an eye towards action but the action time is not here yet. Beyond the introspective period of The Hermit, of the rekindling of the inner illumination, lies the time of movement and transition of the 6 of Swords, leading us into that warm phase of expansion and new planning of the 3 of Wands, when we lay down the steps that will take us further into the place of full King of Wands’ might and compassionate doing.

All those things are beyond the horizon, brewing at a distance and so close already to our hearts. The King of Swords Reversed, however, is the gate keeper of those dreamy futures. For now, make no outward decisions—he says. For now, meditate on this mental journey so far—says the Queen of Swords. For now, rest and get strong, says The Hermit. Next year, we shall give you our strength—sing in chorus the Queen and King of Wands. Next year, they promise. No sooner than that.