Waking Up From the Slumber: Reading for Humanity!

Look at these total babe energies sprouting forth from the depths of Reality! It feels like the light of the sun, as minutely as it has increased ever since the Solstice, it starting to warm things up again, and in this reading we are seeing the first rays. The Shaman Wisdom Cards give us its No. 1 card, Crow Moon [Aries/Pots/Child]. This is Aries energy of beginnings, raw strength, and pure potential. What seeds are we planting in this fertile soil under the Crow Moon? She is warm and productive. Elk [North/Masculine/Fire] takes number 1 for potentials and adds number 5 for change, bellowing with his call the awakening of a new year. The Ace of Cups repeats the Number 1 energy as the “master ace”, the first of the Minors. The fountain of life is pouring out abundant newness, fresh life. Let us nurture our dreams with these sweet, sweet waters. The King of Swords aids us by giving us the ability to start moving forward into the new horizons without fretting, but with poise and confidence, with peace and courage. He points at the 6 of Wands that was crowning the deck–at the victories and achievements that lay ahead. Finally, the Ace of Wands confirms today’s message from the Universe given in the Crow Moon card. The energies are warming up. Let us get clear about where we’re headed, even if it’s nowhere at all. Let this give us comfort and optimism, not anxiety or concern for what’s ahead. This is a time of endings and of beginnings. Behind us we leave accomplishments and defeat too. Ahead of us is a new cycle, a new cyclone. Let us ready ourselves to enter its streams.