Should I Stay or Should I Go? Reading for Humanity

When faced with feeling, realities, and situations that we feel are sapping us of our energy and draining the positivity out of us, our instinct may be to just leave. We fantasize about walking away from the issue, about not having to deal with it anymore, about declaring ourselves free from it and going our merry way. But wisdom often means knowing when to stay, insisting on working it out while keeping in mind that certain things are here for our highest evolution, without which we are fated to continue on with the same unlearned lessons. We may feel stuck in staying, but we would be even more stuck in a karmic loop should we choose to leave. The Ace of Swords brings with it clarity, and true sight. It allows us to see the reason why the Six of Swords Reversed is here. The Six of Swords often means leaving, transition, making a mental journey across emotional waters. When reversed, it can be an invitation to stay. To stay here with all these swords. To dwell in the Sword that cuts but that frees. As we consent to remaining here when all we want to do is to be elsewhere, we can stop losing energy on the feelings of dissatisfaction and start using our energy wisely on the knots that need to be untangled, and on the work to be done for our ultimate freedom and for the benefit of all involved. Granted, some situations and feelings and thoughts call for a walk-away. However, for all other things, we can choose to leave now and feel good momentarily, only to have certain issues reappear under different cover later on; or we can choose to remain and face discomfort, but with an eye towards our growth, freedom and peace. It is our choice. It is our evolution on the line.