Breathe Deeply Before the Dive. Reading for Humanity!

The Eight of Wands is here to herald new movement, fresh speed, and the fast arrival of new forms of arrangement of life circumstances. This is understandable as a new yearly cycle commences and we gear up for action. However, The High Priestess would like to gently warn us to both the darkness and the light that lay ahead for us in 2019. She invites us to slow down and withdraw in a sacred moment of preparation for what’s to come. In her card you can see the Moon, and the Priestess herself is pointing to The Moon card to her right. With High Priestess energy we turn within and greet the Divine in our hearts, and with this Light we look ahead with equanimity and courage. And courage we will need for ahead of us lay patches of illusion and shadow through which we will walk. 2019 will eventually bring us onto new levels of awakening and illumination as shown by The Sun, but before that any lingering fears or shadow issues of 2018 will need to be met as shown The Moon. Trying to see under the dimmer light of the Moon, it may feel like we are trying to pry open the jaws of reality and from there extract truth. But the rewards for that hard work will be the rising of a new Sun. There the speed of the 8 of Wands joins the Sun’s fox in its great ability to navigate through any mazes or narrowing paths we may encounter. Finally, having found strength in our Inner Vision, and in knowing that both shadow and light await us, we step into our shoes as the Page of Wands and hold in our hands, with childlike wonder, the opportunities of creativity and spiritual growth that are ours to take. Let us stop and take a deep breath now as the end of the year closes in, because in no time we will have no choice by to dive into some lunar waters so that the sunny lands we may reach. Be at peace; but be ready. Page of Wands is standing still, but he is ready to take off.