Conflict Is An Opportunity for Growth. Reading for Humanity!

When we bury and avoid some types of conflict in a relationship or within ourselves, we are bypassing an opportunity for mutual growth and inner completion. The 5 of Wands represents that conflict, and oftentimes some type of disagreement is normal and natural in our relationship with others. Additionally, internal conflict that we may have about our actions, ethics, and thoughts is common too. Conflict is often a sign of clashing ideas that need to be harmonized; or of dissonance among parts of ourselves or between parties to a relationship. When buried, those things are left to rot, to fester, and to contaminate the soil. When brought to the surface and worked on, however, conflict can be a source of transformation; of getting clear about what really matters; of realizing that love means communicating with an eye towards peace.

The 5 of Wands stands between The Magician and The World. The Magician shows that conflict can be an opportunity for the greater sense of completion and fulfillment found in The World. When the issue is avoided, a chance to look at the deeper source of disharmony and disagreement is wasted. However, when looked at with honesty, it fertilizes the soil that we stand on and lets us reach a place that is even better than the one we were on before the conflict arose. Relationships, and inner growth, don’t thrive on conflict avoidance. Things may look peaceful on the surface, but underneath, rage and resentment boil. When disagreement or inner turmoil is allowed to surface so that it may be healed, we give love a chance to grow greater and more encompassing. Rather than burying issues in an attempt to let them die underground; we allow them to become nourishment for the next crop of evolution and increased understanding.