Double Bear Energy!

It’s double bear day! Haha. After drawing Bear from the Shaman Wisdom Cards, I drew the 10 of Pentacles from the tarot, which in the Lumina features a bear too! Also, right after as I got in the car, I put on the newest episode of Wild Soul Healing, and Lindsey gave the 10 of Pentacles as the monthly medicine! So it’s triple bear, LOL.

The common thread I’m seeing with these cards, as well as the podcast medicine, is the “nowness” aspect of the 10 of Pentacles, that sweet spot of appreciation and gratitude for the seeds that we have planted in our pasted and that have grown into a beautiful garden that we find ourselves in. Yes, there may still be work to be done, but what better way to pave the way for a new year than to find comfort in the solid based we have been working for already. The Shaman’s Bear tastes the berries and the nectar of life that is found in his surroundings–right here, right now–and is unmoved by the vicissitudes of life. He is not slumbering, however. This is an active creature at the moment. But it is from a deep sense of grounding that he employs his Masculine/Fire energy in the active and steady pursuit of his life.

In the Lumina Tarot, a bee sits atop Bear’s head. This bee can signify abundance, creation, and growth. But noticed how this bee, too, is perched upon the stability and strength of Bear. So this is an encouragement to look around us, and take note of our support network, including how we are supported by a beautiful web of connection to our loved ones and to humanity as a whole; and also how we are supported from within by the cosmic Spirit in whose garden we are carefully-tendered plants.

This is reminding me of a scripture: “Go and enjoy choice food and sweet drinks, and send some to those who have nothing prepared. This day is holy to our Lord. Do not grieve, for the joy of the Lord is your strength.””[Nehemiah 8:10]. Have a blessed day.