From Pain to Love; from Opportunity to Mastery. New Moon in Capricorn, Reading for Humanity!

This is a reading for the collective for this New Moon in Capricorn and for the week ahead or so, using a 7-Card Horseshoe Spread. The deck is The Cosmic Tarot.

The foundation of the present moment is the new period, the new beginnings, and the new opportunity for growth and for success that has been bestowed upon us with the beginning of the year, and with the beginning of Capricorn season and its industriousness and practical, work-minded capabilities. That is shown by the Ace of Pentacles in the “Past” position. In the Present, we find ourselves in a 3 of Swords situation. We come face-to-face with the trials and sufferings of our lives so far, and wish that they would be no more. There is a strong sense of decisiveness in overcoming our pain, and as it is reflected back to us, we choose to do what it takes, and to take action in our lives, in order to learn those lessons and end the hurt. With the likely success of our endeavors in that regard, we are headed towards unity, passion, harmony, and emotional fulfillment as shown by the 2 of Cups in the Future position. This card also shows us turning away from the pain of the 3 of Swords and towards the love within our hearts and wherever else we may find it, including in others. We flee the pain and we find refuge in perfect love, which casts away all fear.

As the “We” position we embody the King of Swords, again bringing that decisiveness of the 3 of Swords, turning away from it, and looking forward towards a future of peace. The hawk shows that as we do inner work, we gain vision, and with vision, we see our bondages for what they are and decide to cut them away. In the “Influences” position, we tap into this present collective energy of action, of doing, of moving and shaking, as presented by the Prince (Knight) of Wands. Even if we want to stay put, the energies of the world are like a rushing river right now, so we may as well go with this flow and allow it to use us for accomplishment and purpose. This river lands us at the feet of the Queen of Swords in the “Advice” position. The Queen of Swords takes the energy of the King of Swords and calls on us to not get lost in outward outcomes or future appearances; but to also allow our new-found enthusiasm for freedom to penetrate our being from deep within. In other words, she encourages a holistic Sword energy of mental strength, resilience, truth-seeking, and of the overcoming of suffering. With her guidance we realize that as within, so without; and that as we transform our inner landscape, the outer shapes of our lives will change as well. Her gaze invites us to look behind her, at The Lovers which are hinted at outside her window, whose embrace echo the harmony and well-being of the 2 of Cups that is in our future. So in this sense she is showing that the way to that harmony is through mental realizations and awakening.

As we come to these deep realizations about who we are, where we’ve been, and as we get clear on how to release ourselves from past pain and past discomfort and towards a year of joy and abundance and fulfillment; we become a channel through which the Knight of Wands collective energy expresses itself as really empowered, strong, resilient, and passionate individuals. This is shown by the King of Wands in the Outcome position. We are being drawn towards this beautiful sense of personal power, of harmonious control over our passions and over our actions so that they reflect harmony and not anxious striving. With four Court cards, our reading today lets us know that we are in for a stage of maturation and growth in different aspects of our being. In particular, mind training, mental growth, and spiritual development are at hand. Let us dive right in into this stunning sense of self-empowerment, so that we may learn lessons on how the Universe operates. We are being led to care for the seed of the Ace of Pentacles with mastery of mind and spirit so that it may grow into a tree of harmony; of freedom from suffering; of dissolved prisons; of perfect love that shines away any fear like the Sun dissipates the morning fog. Let it be so.