The “Guiding Light” Spread

Lately, I have felt the need for a simple spread that would give me good guidance and light regarding any quicker topic, or advice for the moment, for the day ahead, or for anything really that doesn’t always require a more complex spread. I felt like I needed a bit more than my 3-card open spread readings would give me; but in turn my simpler spreads like the Journey Ahead have too many cards to be considered quick. So what I will call the “Guiding Light” Spread emerged and it worked! It calls for 4 cards, and it is aimed towards understanding the energies surrounding the question and the guidance needed to navigate them. I am sure there are very similar spreads out there. Below are the instructions.

The four cards are to be laid out like a cross, with Number 1 to the left; followed by Numbers 2 and 3 to its right atop one another; with Number 4 as the rightmost card.

1. Theme

In this position, the cards will give you an overview of the situation or period of time (such as the day ahead, or month ahead, etc.). This card could reveal a perspective of things which you had not considered; or it could confirm for you your view of the present moment. Plus, of course, you can use this card as part of the medicine of the reading.

2. Focus On

This is the tarot’s positive advice for you. It is the things up ahead or in the present moment which would be beneficial to be attended to, concentrated upon, or given energy to. It’s the “do!” card. The action steps.

3. Don’t Focus On

Through this card you receive guidance on what to avoid, what to turn away from, or what not to focus your energy on. What do steer your boat away from. Here you may find tendencies of yours that should be avoided. It’s the “don’t do!” card. The meditative steps.

4. Energetic Pull

Sorry for the funny name, ha-ha! Instead of divining an “Outcome”, I felt this spread would be best used to gain insight into the energetic landscape of the issue, question, or of the time period in question (week, year ahead, and so on). With this card, you feel what the situation is being pulled towards and how the previous cards are leading up to it, like an animation. Think of it as a type of void that is sucking things around it towards itself. Well, that was kind of dramatic. But you know what I mean! To give a clear example, if you get the Death card here, it could mean that things in this moment are being pulled towards their conclusion and end. If you get the Queen of Cups, it could mean that you are being led towards a mature emotional understanding of an aspect of your life.

Give this spread a try when you need some quick guidance! I hope it helps you on your journey.