Joyful Beginning. A Reading for Humanity.

Good day! This is a reading for all of us, using the Guiding Light spread (which you can find a few posts down on my feed or on my website). If you’d like me to read for you using this spread, please DM me for booking details.

THEME: The Fool. Ah! Nice. This card is my January card of the year, and it’s been coming up for me lately. Sorry if I’m influencing the collective reading, ha-ha! But The Fool as a theme is simple: this is a time of new beginning, of new enthusiasm. The sky behind the figure is yellow, meaning clear consciousness, brightness, joy. Many of us are getting clear about a new vision for our lives and for our shared consciousness. We are getting to work in our homes while keeping an eye out for the Home that we share with all earthly living beings. We greet this time with gratitude.

FOCUS ON: 8 of Swords. Let us focus on defogging our minds, on identifying the ropes that keep us tied to old places, so that we may use our mental power to cut them off one by one. Let’s focus on freedom, so that The Fool may continue their journey unimpeded.

DON’T FOCUS ON: 7 of Swords. Interestingly, this is the card right before the card preceding it, the 8 of Swords. It’s like the Sword journey is taking a step away from its ultimate freedom and back towards its earlier stages of suffering. So as I’m understanding this card in this particular situation, it is telling us not to focus on setbacks, not to focus on how we may have betrayed our own paths, not to dwell on what could have been and instead to act stealthily in navigating our own minds away from its propensities to remain frozen in place, and riding its great ability to help us move forward.

ENERGETIC PULL: Page of Wands. Also, the Page of Cups came out alongside. With the Wand Page, I’m sensing energy similar to The Fool, but more focused. The energies at the moment are being pulled towards a continued zeal and appreciation of the beginning of this new yearly cycle; and towards powerful dreams and deep emotional insights (per the Page of Cups) that will lead us towards taking the mighty action that our dreams and plans demand. In other words, we are being led towards a place in which we will honor our realizations and our Spirit-given dreams in nourishing them with our plans and actions.

Another card that came out, the 7 of Pentacles, which came out on my reading yesterday as well as on my Speed Read!, cools off the fire of the Fool/Page of Wands with patience, asking us to keep this energy steady, planting good things that we want to harvest later, and to not give up when things seem to be taking forever. Let us stay alert and ready for when the time to leap arrives. We will know when, and will get guided by Spirit when the time is right for even bolder action. For now, let the action be bold, but grounded. This is just the beginning. Great growth and accomplishment awaits us up ahead.