Letting the Sun Shine In

The light of The Sun is always shining upon us. However, if we don’t take care, our life can grow a thicket that blocks the sunlight and causes us to have a cloudy outlook towards things. The Sun Reversed shows that gloomy view of life, which in this reading can be traced to the reversed Four of Wands. The Four of Wands indicates stability in the “four corners” of our life, in our passions and in our relationships. When reversed, this card can show an “upside-down home” that requires inner work to be put back upright. This unstable condition can come from a number of sources: toxic habits, unhealthy mindsets, buried passions, unresolved relationship issues, unlearned spiritual lessons, and so on. Whatever rocks you off your natural balance, and knocks you off your center. Through life we are hit by a myriad of those things—it’s all part of the process. Our training, however, consists in bringing ourselves back to the inner harmony that is the birthright of all living things. As we do so, we tend to the garden of our soul. We prune away the weeds. We prune off that thicket—that hedge of darkness that condenses around us if we don’t keep careful watch. But as we care for our upside-down home, and work to keep it upright, the sunrays find their way back to us. We can see clearly again. We feel the divine warmth against our skin. We become aware of the blessings that have been bestowed upon us all along, even when we weren’t looking. May the clouds that surround you today be swept up by the winds of awakening, so that your joy may be complete. Be blessed.