Going Home with Badger and Coyote

I’m sensing a motherly, yet stern push forward here. She invites me to heal emotional wounds by exposing them to the balm of the presence of Spirit. That Nine of Cups outcome is still there, The Empress says. The wish fulfillment, the dreams-come-true, the emotional fulfillment is still over the horizon. But on the way there, things that may be hurtful may be faced. The deep inner urge for growth and creation will lead the way, however. Let me ride it from cycle to cycle, from moon to moon, until it’s done. Shaman Wisdom brings Badger (22) and Coyote (18): both are Feminine; both are West; Badger is Fire whereas Coyote is Earth. That they are West means that they are here for furtherance, growth and progress. They come like mighty waters that push towards conclusion. Their Feminine energy today brings urgency to the matter, crying out that the windows of opportunity open and close as cycles come and go. Badger is defensive and aggressive; Coyote is intelligent yet tricky. Grab on to opportunities, they say. Don’t let your eyes be deceived by the illusions of a present comfort that may bring future distress. It seems that sometimes life throws you curve balls just to keep you alert, particularly when wakefulness is needed. Fire brings passion and heat; earth brings wise structure. Is Coyote telling me to play cunningly along with life, to go along with its tricks? I could almost swear that she’s saying that, but her smirk is not very revealing. Life is laughing because it already knows the joke that will be understood only in the end, but I don’t understand it yet. Until the Cosmic pun is revealed for what it is, I hold my breath and dive into the currents…. No, no! I wake up to the fact that I’m already in the rapids, being taken somewhere. The little child holds out his hand, and Goddess reaches out to grab it. She’s not rescuing him from the currents, however, she’s joining him in. “Well and good”, she says, “let’s go home little one.”