Release the Need to Micromanage the Universe

Consider this an invitation to release any sense of micro-managing of the works of the Universe. As we co-create with the Cosmos in our lives, we have a tendency to worry about the details of how things will come about. That is not our job. Our work is to set intentions, plant the seeds, walk as we pray, do the work and then turn the results over Spirit, knowing that whatever is in our best interest will be manifest.

These two cards on the Luminous Void tarot seem to match into a single scene. You can see that the ground under the anxious figure on the Nine of Swords curves up and turns into the soil upon which the fruits in the Eight of Discs card are growing. The crop on the Eight of Swords represents our work, our dreams, our creations, our desires and our rewards. The figure on the Nine of Swords, however, manages to look at this bounty with fear, with self-doubt and restelessness. Looking the outside, the scene seems absurd. Why would they carry so much fear? If only they could see from a higher perspective, they would see that the harvest is coming. Sure, some things look much more developed than others. But the ones that are worthy are being brought to fruition nonetheless.

If we seek to see our lives from a perspective that is larger than our individual selves, a lot of the fear and worry starts to drop away. If there is something wrong, with address it. If something in life needs our attention, we give it. But other than that, we can stop to fret, stop the bleeding of vital energy. We go from restlessness to restful trust upon the works of the One.