Surrendering to Destiny. A Reading for Humanity.

Let’s see what the cards have in store for us for today and the coming day or so! For the “Theme”, we have the Wheel of Fortune. This day may be about fate and destiny for us. About realizing that we are in a river that is carrying us to a certain destination. We can control a lot of things in our lives. However, a large portion of things happen as they will, guided by the winds of our shared collective destiny; by fate; by entropy; by the simple fact that all that arises in the Universe is in a state of flux, the magnitude of which dwarfs the smallness of our individual existence. So many of my readings have been about action, that I welcome the relief that the surrender of the Wheel of Fortune brings. As we live, we do what we will. But when we forget that we are a drop of water in an ocean of life, we may find ourselves grasping and reaching for rocks of illusory permanence that are slippery and will not help. We find that our sense of control is often false.

As the Advice card, The Four of Cups alludes to this watery landscape of ever-flowing life. It calls on us to in this moment appreciate what’s here; go on with our dreams and our desires but with a sense of trust in what surrounds us, even if things don’t seem to make sense right now. It asks that we act, that we engage in the world, from a sense of felt presence. Rather than looking elsewhere for the good, turning our heads from one side to another seeking validation, we are asked to wake up to the pull of the Now, and to the call of fate. Not fate in a morbid sense. But fate in the sense that there are things larger than us operating in our lives at any moment. When we resist is when we may get lost in the despair of trying to exert full control. But we may choose instead to act in faith in the powers that DO we have, and surrender the rest to the gods of fate, of what will be, of what needs to happen for the highest good. This does not mean giving up. It means co-creating with universe. It means engaging with what IS, not with what we wish would be.