You are whole. You are complete. You are enough.

Today’s cards are the Maiden (Page) of Pentacles and The World. As this week ends, be grateful for what you worked for and what you accomplished. Give yourself permission to feel relieved and at ease in regards to what you have put into your life so far. Even if what you did seems small; even if they were just the first steps into a new venture; even if they were just plans and dreams about your next steps—acknowledge how you have advanced in your path in one way or another, and give thanks to yourself and to whatever Cosmic assistance you received. From this place of acknowledgement and gratitude, allow yourself to feel whole and complete. There is nothing missing. Today, you are fulfilled in what you’ve done or dreamed. Better than that: you are fulfilled in simply Being yourself. Your work may not be complete, but for now you may rest as though it were. You can pick it back up after this practice. You are complete, you are whole, and you are enough. Thank you.