Life is Moving, Get in the Car.

Loves, if there is a certain situation or area of your life from which you have had enough or from which you have some deep dissatisfaction, feeling like you want to get away from, this message is for you. That emotional discontentment is indicated by the 8 of Cups here. It shows you with a deep yearning to leave it behind and make this a part of your past. However, you feel like you can’t take the first steps in your journey away from the situation. Your steps seem frozen, like you don’t have the courage or the ability to carry on. You look around yourself and see the path out but can’t seem to get your feet moving. Know this: if this stagnation is enough that it serves as stumbling block in your growth and in your soul’s evolution, things WILL change, sooner or later. How we view life may cause that to be a source of fear, or of relief. The Wheel of Fortune shows that the cycles of life return like clockwork. It also shows the working of universal laws and whether we are in alignment with their operation or not. Should you keep yourself from going away when you know that that’s your soul’s calling, the journey may get started anyways. When things get moving and you find yourself not ready to get up, what will you think? That this is the work of fate? That it’s “karma”? Or will you see it as the cooperative work of the Cosmos in shaping your surroundings in accordance to your life curriculum? If you run out to meet the change instead of running away from it, you can use it as a source of momentum. We all have different relationships with the Universe… to some, it is benevolent; to others, neutral. To others yet, it is punishing or evil. When you look into it, those perspectives many times arise from personal outlooks and views of Reality. Which one will be yours? One in which you are the victim; or one in which you are a co-participant?

Now back to that situation that is calling for an exit… will you let life yank you out of it? Or will you turn on the ignition yourself? If you do, the Car is ready. As a matter of fact, it’s been moving all along.