Seeing Oneness is Choosing Love. A Spirit Message.

Choosing to align our vision with the highest good and with love is a real and true source of release from the grip of material reality and its suffering. As we choose to see in the other a reflection of ourselves, we see our very essence in them. In doing so, we are experiencing the Unity of all things. Within this Oneness, we are completely free. There are no traps to keep us tied to this world, because our soul then knows no bounds. Love is freeing. Our sense of separation from one another and from All Things is like shackles, keeping us tied to this physical reality and unable to see the truth that we are never alone. Perfect love breaks the shackles of separation. When we choose to see past the illusions of division, and into the truth of love, we invite healing into our relationship with humanity, with the material world, and with the entire Cosmos. An awakened view of the world can begin with choices, such as the choice to see oneness whenever separation bares its teeth. Put this to the test: choose to see the other, be they pleasant or unpleasant, as the very extension of you. And witness the healing that it brings to the scars you think were done to you by the world.