This Is Just The Beginning. A Reading for Humanity.

Do you feel like you’ve poured out all your passion and strength, all of your will and dedication, but feel unsatisfied with the results? That’s what I’m getting here with the fox on a pile of branches that is the Ten of Wands. I pulled this reading for myself last night, in one of those delicious moments of devotion, but I felt called to share as a Reading for Humanity because I sense that many of us may be experiencing this. Particularly at this juncture of the year, we may have invested our inner resources quite a bit in our progress, healing, evolution, or in a specific life project. We were sort of hoping to see beautifully miraculous results by now but they are not here. So we may be feeling burdened by our own self commitments and expectations. The message from Spirit here, by giving us the lovely Maiden (Page) of Pentacles, is to not check our results against a short-term view of things, but to instead frame them according to what stage in our growth we are: the beginning. The Pages indicate the first stages of development, and the Pentacle Page shows the earlier phase of materialization and concretization of those things which we’ve set out to accomplish.

We often think that as long as we get our act together and “go for it”, that the thing we are working towards will just happen. At times, it does. However, endeavors are often reached through stages and phases of progress. If this message resonates with you, particularly at this time of the year, keep in mind that all the energy you’ve put into it so far will mostly go towards setting the foundations and momentum for your realization. In other words, this is round one. Put your perceived lack of accomplishment into perspective. Take a break, go within, practice self-care, regain your energies, purify yourself, and give thanks for the path so far. Whatever you gotta do, don’t consider your efforts wasted and don’t give in to burn out. Instead, prepare yourself for the next rounds in the bringing about of your endeavor or life project. If you give in, then yes some of that energy may have been wasted. If you soldier on, you give your work a chance to come to full fruition.