Crystal Talk: Aragonite

This is Aragonite. It is an amazing grounding stone. It is named after the municipality of Molina de Aragón in Spain. This particular star cluster piece called to me as I was browsing a crystal shop, even though I didn’t know what it was for. Its beautiful rust red is shiny and stabilizing. It is covered with hexagonal columns that arise from the center and outward in every direction, making it look like a flower or star. In my experience working with this crystal, those columns show some of its healing properties. You see, aragonite can be a deep grounding stone, removing our sources of instability or whatever else is blocking our sense of center. You can see that in its shape: just as those shiny hexagonal columns rise up from deep within the rock and out in all directions, so does Aragonite help us bring whatever is keeping us off-balance up to the surface so that it may be healed or addressed. In that way, Aragonite doesn’t ground us just by giving us good feelings: it actually helps us heal the source of instability so that we may experience long-lasting peace. Tell me your experiences with this earth friend!