Speed Up Ahead! A Reading for Humanity

This week is shaping up to be a portal of rapid-fire activity and growth for those of us who choose to take a ride in these energies. Some of my readings are revealing a bit of a contraction for some; but in general what I’m getting is a smaller period of speed. We can see this here with not only the 8 of Wands in the “Theme” position, but with the 8 of Pentacles in the “Energetic Pull” place. Number 8s indicate movement. I sense that in the coming days, whatever seeds we are planting for our growth or for the accomplishment of our dreams will be met with extra fertilizer from the Universe.

The 8 of Wands indicates not only speed, but the co-participation of Reality itself in our work. Sometimes what we are asking for demands speed and movement. And when things rise up to meet our vibration, they can come with great power.

In the “Focus On” position we have the 5 of Swords.  We do well in focusing on winning amidst situations that seem precarious to us. Risk-taking and agility are our friends here. This may also mean that we may feel a bit confused by the many priorities vying for our attention, and guilty for having to choose which one of our projects we want to give attention to in detriment of the others. But with everything happening at once, we will have to pick our battles, otherwise we may get bulldozed by the sheer size of our own endeavors. Choose wisely! Set some priorities for what aspect of your life could use extra speed, and which ones can wait for the next round.

In the “Don’t Focus On” position we see Temperance. Don’t worry too much about keeping it all in balance. It’s great when we can keep everything in moderation and in harmony. Sometimes, however, especially in periods of great activity, it’s ok to practice some wise surrendering to the speed of things and mindfully use their power for our accomplishment. It is important, however, to do this carefully and while keeping in mind that we ought to return to harmony, for that’s where we live. In other words, you can take full advantage of this fast energy flow right now, and worry about making sense of things later.

The 8 of Pentacles as the “Energetic Pull” repeats the theme of movement, and confirms for us that this work is for the benefit of the larger projects of our life that we are working towards. This is all for the lessons we have been learning; for the dreams that we are realizing; for the beautiful life work that we’ve been building brick by brick. It will all make sense in the end. But for now, if this reading is resonating with your present circumstances, get busy working with the Universe in co-creating your life!