Energy Read! The First Rays of Warmth

You see that gorgeous sunlight in the photo? It’s because the first morning sun is shining into the house in the morning again! We start to see the signs of thawing, of warmth pouring out. My friend @tarotwithandrew aptly pointed out on his Stories that this moment’s energies are excellent for accomplishment (if you are feeling that vibe). And we see that with the Number One card of the Shaman Wisdom Cards, which is Crow Moon (Aries/Pots/Child). It’s like we’re getting the energy of that full moon during the first season of the zodiac, but in a mini version. It brings out in us feelings of positivity,  brightness, gratitude and motivation. It goes very well with the Eight of Wands that we divined for this week.

The Tarot gives us 6 of Wands + The Empress today. The Empress can be that beautiful flow of creativity that arises from Spirit and finds an outlet through each one of our lives. The 6 of Wands invites us to celebrate our individual forms of creativity, and encourages us to share it with the world. What you create is beautiful, unique, loving, and has every right to be put out on display for all to see. The 6 of Wands speaks of that lovely personal and public recognition of our gifts that we share for the good of all. So be yourself! Celebrate yourself! Share your inner beauty, for it will find receptive eyes. Crow Moon says that this is a great time to use your unique creative abilities to motivate yourself towards that which your heart desires. If you are in a contraction period, just take the time to recognize that you are growing right where you are. Happy Hump Day!