Breaking Free with the King of Cups. A Reading for Humanity.

We are Knight (King) of Cups right now, sitting at the nexus of many forces, and striving to establish space in the realm of the subconscious, and in the world of relationships, so that our missions may be pursued as they should. Below the King is Six Wands, because it is from a felt sense of accomplishment and victory that the King’s horse is spurred into action. This is the ground of the matter. The victories in the path so far give us confidence but also a zest for more, no matter the costs. However, what consciously drives the King, as the Above position, is the Five Wands. There is a need to break free, to run into conflict if that means the opening up of new doors. The King of Cups is a master at relations so he is well equipped to face the strife. So we are called to face the conflicts in our lives that are keeping us in place, trusting in our abilities to be compassionate yet stern; to be respectful of others’ feelings and yet establish our space and our boundaries. Both Six and Five Wands are ruled by Leo, and this proud energy stands both behind and ahead of us.

In the Past is the High Priestess, representing the inner awakening that the King of Cups underwent, revealing to him insights from deep in the unconscious. What was brought to the conscious surface were the restrictions, the fences, the obstacles and the suffering. As the King, we see those things, and the list of inner homework do to seems unsurmountable at times. But we only need to take it one at a time. Because our path towards liberation and towards the next cycles will certainly have its downs. Just as the Priestess shows the light pillar, the dark pillar is to her left too. “Here are the forces within you”, she shows us, gazing at the pillars. “Face them”, she invites.

The King of Cups’ card bears the dates “February 9-March 10”, which starts TODAY. How relevant! Going from Aquarius and into Pisces. In the “Future” position we see the Ten Swords, which calls us to face the obstacles within and without; to have courage to go through our lessons of the mind, even if they hurt. If each sword were to represent an effort; we see many efforts thwarted. By the time we have embodied the truth of this period; the truth that we are being taught via these trials; we will have had many thwarted efforts. Some of our will and actions may be tossed to the wayside. But some of them will make it through. Some of them will break the cycle and pierce through the darkness, letting in the light.

So, lovers, trust the Light and the Darkness that has been revealed to you from deep within. Go into your heart, and act as your heart. Listen to its gentle commands at this moment, spurring you to face that which needs to be faced for your greater freedom and victory. Let your accomplishments so far ground you in confidence; and let the strife that lies ahead serve as motivation towards resolution. Fall into the Leo energy; because it is Aquarius season, and Aquarius grows through Leo. Let’s break free of our cages. It may take many blows of the sword, but the final blows will break it. And there will be a brief night but then the sun will rise again. If you are feeling this, recoil not from your lessons. The Magus crowning the deck is a powerful reminder of our ability to take this on, to create our life in majesty like the King, the King of Cups surrounded by his mighty lions.