Relief from Strife. A Reading for Humanity.

If you are coming from a brief or extended period of conflict or strife, then you may find relief in this week’s energies. I had a very 5 of Wands week last week, with certain things rising from tension to conflict. You may have undergone similar circumstances, or otherwise been dealing with similar inner issues of strife and difficulty. If so, then the 4 of Swords in this week’s “Theme” brings, as one of its traditional titles suggests, relief from strive. It’s that beautiful moment of serenity and relief after a period of tension. It’s peace after the war. It’s rest after challenges. Being a Number 4, it also brings some stability and tranquility to the mind.

You can find healing by dwelling in that state, by knowing that you have said what you had to say, and done what you had to. But now, the focus advice is the Nine of Wands: persevere and finish what’s here, and don’t take up more for yourself. Focus on completing what you have started and no more. Let’s wrap up this period so that another one may commence.

Don’t worry about having it all figured out. That’s the message from the Ten of Cups in the “Don’t Focus” position. It’s ok if some things feel undone after you’ve carried them as far as you can at this time. Forgive the sense of inadequacy, or of lack of completion. Release those things so that you may find respite. You may have a hard time finding emotional fulfillment from your work so far. Try to release the need to find satisfaction in each and everything… worry about your well being instead, letting things fall where they may. It is all part of the plan.

Our Energetic Pull is the Queen of Swords. She is a skillful master of the mind. If you look at the image, you will see concentric circles around her being. This Queen knows how to set up boundaries for herself, for her protection and that of others. This week, with this 4 of Swords energy, we are learning lessons in boundaries, in protecting our power and our well-being, in conflict resolution and conflict release. The strife that we have undergone will have served a purpose when we become stronger through it. The interpersonal challenges, as well as the inner difficulties, are here for our training as warriors. But now the warriors need to rest, because there is a lull in the battle. The Queen’s hawk will serve as a messenger as to when the fighting will resume. But for now, it’s perched, sitting still. Let us join as we dwell in the stillness that can be found deep in the min.