Time for Deep Dreams. A Reading for Humanity.

What a magical reading for today! I’m not sure how many will resonate, but Pisces season is being a mindf*ck for me. I asked the Tarot for two cards: Truth of the Present, and Energetic Pull. For the present we got The High Priestess, the keeper of the Sacred Waters, the dream queen, the guardian of the depths. This card has been showing up a lot on my readings lately, and I believe it is a reminder of the cosmic insight available to us at this moment. We are being shown dreams, but just as we get lost in these dreams, the Priestess parts the veil and lets us see glimpses of reality, only to close it again, leaving us wondering what is real and what is not. Is reality even a thing? Is the manifest world more real than the spirit one? It doesn’t matter. We are being inspired. We are being shown dreams of ages past that we thought we had forgotten, but that as a matter of fact continue to direct our lives from deep within our subconscious. The Magician, as the Energetic Pull, shows the reason for the season: that we may be reminded of the infinite possibilities that arise out of a universe that is seeded with dreams and inspired ideas. Where we have forgotten Who We Are, these two cards remind us of our inner radiance. Where we have lost faith in our abilities, they call us back to a place of endless potential, of magic and wonder, of power that comes not from trying to make things happen, but from getting out of the way of the greatness that is seeking to emerge through us. If you are not feeling this, you can still call on the Dream to take over your mind and heart, and show you all the beautiful lands that you have forgotten.

Interestingly, these two cards are in reversed sequential order, from 2 to 1. We are being compressed back to Oneness. Soon there will be a call to wake up. For now, slumber and dream. May dreams of Spirit soothe your soul; may the ancient songs of peace lull you in your sleep.