Emboldened by the Warmth. A Reading for Humanity!

Two Major Arcana again, second day in a row! The energies are STRONG loved ones. The Fool appeared as our Truth of the Matter card. Again we see a theme of potentiality and bright possibilities. What is drawing my attention in this card is the Sun behind the little mouse. It’s almost as though the sun is the final piece on Mouse’s wand, creating a scepter of empowerment and courage. The Mouse is warmed up by the sun, inspired by joyful awareness. The Fool is Number Zero, showing that as we divorce our minds of its myriad compromises and programming, what is left is a clean slate, primed for new connections to be created out of a miracle mindset and not out of an attitude of limitation. We feel the warmth of the Sun against our backs and it urges us to explore new territories. We wonder what life would be like if we were truly free, unchained from stale conditioning. What if the path ahead were full of sun-kissed grasses and happy fields, instead of somber hills?

The Guidance card, in turn, is The Hierophant. Yesterday, High Priestess showed up. Today, their counterpart appears. Notice how the Hierophant also has the Sun at their back.  The message that I’m sensing from this card is one of sacred absorption, of purposeful drinking of the warmth that suffuses the universe. This card can speak to learning, to knowledge, to sharing. It invites us to accept the gift of spontaneity, of courageous undertaking, of fearlessness in the face of the unknown. Let us embody the brave heart. There are sweet, sweet soul lessons contained in the nothingness of The Fool. Within this nothingness, there lies dormant the Everything. The dangers that may lay in our path will be there one way or another… life is risk, life is precarious, moments of happiness come to an end. But what would our inner landscape be like if we were moved by the dream rather than by the fear? In this place of intrepidness, the sun shines, and it warms our backs, and spurs us on. It becomes the scepter with which we rule our little kingdoms. Take hold of your scepter, you Brave One. Raise it up high as you boldly go down your soul’s path.