Evolving Through Obstacles. A Reading for Humanity.

The Page of Coins in the Truth of the Matter position shows us in a new state of being, a new stage of acting in the world, a new state of managing the opportunities that the Universe gives us. It’s a new enthusiastic embodiment of the world and of the earth realm. With the Energetic Pull as the Queen of Coins in the same line as the Page, we see a progression, an evolution, growth, a growing in the world, a growing of space, a growing of independence. The 7 of Wands as the Focus On card shows that to make that progression, to make that evolution from Page to Queen, there needs to be a removing of obstacles, an obstinate attitude towards taking over our challenges, and the jumping obstacles that stand in our way, one by one. There is fierceness; there is intrepidness that the figure on the card uses to advance and to progress. As to what NOT to focus on, we have the 3 of Cup. It suggests not focusing too much on the hype, not focusing exclusively on what the community is doing, and necessarily on what everyone else is doing, because ultimately the path of the soul is walked alone. We alone are ultimately responsible for our own growth, so we are being invited to grow from the Page of Coins to Queen of Coins through the removal of obstacles. Additionally, the 3 of Cups in this position signifies not to have the community and the communal drive as our only source of motivation. It’s ok to have it as part of, and actually it is a necessary part of our growth, but ultimately it us up to us to grow and to evolve, so let us not count on community efforts as our only source of growth. The Nine of Coins at the bottom of the deck repeats that theme of singularity of purpose, and of a bit of loneliness and isolation that sometimes comes in the spiritual path, as we need to make decisions for our lives individually.

So this message invites us to gently awaken from our dreams and cause them—if we want to—to be manifest in the world by way of a childlike, enthusiastic manner that will bring us into growing in space and establishment. This is done through the systematic removal of obstacles and whatever else stands in our way. Much of this work is to be done alone, by us and our Helpers and not necessarily by dwelling on external sources or community endeavors. The Queen of Coins invites us into their loving, nurturing embrace. It will take passion and drive to take us there, but armed with the courage of little ones in our hearts, anything is possible.