Remove What Doesn’t Belong. A Reading for Humanity!

5 of Swords + King of Swords. Today sees us making choices to cull away all that has entered our field of energy due to our attracting them as part of our work of inner expansion, but that truly doesn’t belong in our path. That means that, when we work towards and pray for something, things may show up at our door that kind of look like what we want, but that upon closer inspection are not truly in alignment. Particularly during these dreamy periods, Consciousness may bring to us myriad possibilities, and it is up to us to shave off all that is not 100% for us. This can cause a bit of hurt, it is a mini contractive period, as shown by the 5 of Swords. If we hold on to an all-accepting attitude, we may feel like we are trying to win at all costs while betraying our innermost vision. That is the issue that the 5 of Swords presents here. The medicine for that is our fantastic King of Swords, who is the embodiment of a mind that is discerning and wise, being able to check all that arises in our field of awareness against the vision of the heart. The King is not afraid to chop off and decline to follow any thing, person, situation or opportunity that seems promising at first but that upon closer inspection would cause us burden, delay, a heavy heart, and lack of joy. The bright side of this moment of pain but discernment is that it shows us the power of our mind, and how indeed we are attracting conditions and things to us. However, by realizing what doesn’t fit perfectly, we can fine tune our mental training so that we only bring about that which is in perfect alignment with our truth, with our path and our vision. This mental training is also the purview of the King of Swords, a master of the mind. What has shown up at your door, looking like a gift, but containing no benefit to your life? Choose to discard it, even if it feels like a waste, trusting that the right thing will show up in its stead.