Strength to Carry On. A Spirit Message

Strength is finding the will to carry on despite the weight that we’re carrying within us. These years of baggage, they can weight us down. Dreams of what could have been; loss; defeat; unfulfilled desires; feelings of inadequacy; being angry at ourselves… we take these things up one by one and store them in our heart. We accept responsibilities and commitments. The heart is strong but it becomes overburdened nonetheless. Like a gentle beast, it assents and accepts; and we keep on piling up, resulting in so much stress. So, Strength is about knowing when the heart has had enough; when it’s time to lose some of its load; when it’s time to breathe. In breathing, we allow for space, we let the Air in. And here we have the Air King as our advice card, the King of Swords. The energy I’m getting from this card today is one of a gatekeeper. Here, they are keeping the gate of our wellbeing against any further burden upon our already heavy baggage. If this reading is resonating with you, perhaps what you are carrying is enough. Don’t take up any more for the time being. Use your strength to see through to what you already have on your plate. Use the gatekeeping skills of the King of Swords to guard yourself against any further commitments that are unnecessary, or overbearing, or too much to handle at the moment. Even though you are strong, you don’t want to accept something that will end up being the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Guard your mind against further stress, loved one. Guard your heart against further heaviness. You are doing what you can, just focus on that! The time will come when you can say “yes” to more. For now, say yes to what’s already here.