This is A Transitional Period of Deep Awakenings. A Reading for Humanity!

Hey guys! I thought I would pull a classic Past-Present-Future spread for us with another classic, the Smith Waite deck! So classy, yas mawma. This is an energetic read for me, for you, and for the collective.

In the “Past” position we got the 5 of Cups. You know, a lot of things came up for us from the depths of Spirit in the past few weeks. It’s been a period of deep revelations and understanding. Among what was revealed was a lot of our pain, a lot of difficult emotions and feelings related to trauma and unresolved soul issues. All of those came up, gasping for air and asking to breathe. And I have a feeling many of us decided to give those emotions their time, to accept them with tenderness, instead of trying to drown them back. Or, if you had a harder time engaging with them, you were nonetheless affected by their presence. In any event, this card in the Past shows us coming from this place of deep emotional realization that included the surfacing of emotional baggage and pain. But as you see in the card, there is a bridge crossing over the river, and we are readying to cross over to a new period while carrying with us the lessons of this one.

Speaking of crossing over, the 6 of Swords in our Present shows this transitional period we are in, preparing for a new astrological year, and preparing for periods of intense activity up ahead (should we choose to engage, though it may be hard not to). To this side of the boat in the image, there lay choppy waters, representing the real challenge that the past month has been. But on the other side, calmer waters show themselves. Not that we’re going into a very calm period, but in between Pisces and Aries there may be a little lull, a great Spirit pause as we more deeply embody the messages and dreams we receive, dwell in them a little further and suffuse ourselves in their energy, and kind of start to decide which ones we will be pursuing with earth-oriented, actionable steps. In any event, we are moving. And we are moving together.

In the Future we find The Star, which is a card that I pulled for my last humanity read on Saturday (see my IGTV). Again, we are transitioning into deep, deep, for reals deep embodiment of the healing and of the transformation we have received through the blessings and awakenings of right now. Cherish them. Love them. Welcome these insights from God/Spirit into your being as best as you can. Let this become armor and shield, preparing you for the next stage of your personal evolution, and of our collective one as well. Come, grab my hand and let us dive into the lake of The Star. The water is full of lights and visions of things beyond our understanding.

Finally, crowning the deck was the 4 of Cups, which precedes the 5 of Cups we just discussed, and forms a 4/5/6 sequence within the read. Since we are not quite at the end of the Pisces season (there are still 6 days left!), it makes sense that this is a transitional reading with numbers more or less in the middle, advancing towards the end. This card is here as an invitation to not dwell on the emotional challenges and pain of the past period. It has been really hard on many of us. But if we could only see how these things were here for our growth and evolution, and not to cause us distress, we would fall to our knees in gratitude for the awakening we have received. So, let’s be thankful for the awakening. A baby cries when they leave the bomb. So, it hurts us too, as we awaken to truth. This is a period of strengthening for the journey ahead. It will be my pleasure to join you in this beautiful life venture.