A Clean Slate! Preparing for Aries Season

CLEAN SLATE, my dears! The words that are coming through to me are “clean slate.” Spirit is preparing the universe for a new crop. Spirit is priming life for a new chance for all of us. This is an opportunity for us to divorce ourselves from all that is weighing us down, our perceived mistakes and errors, and our old fears and issues. We are being prepared for the new, as an astrological year ends and a new one beings in 5 days. After hearing the word “clean slate” in my heart, and meditating on this reading for a bit, I went online to double check on a couple astrological facts, and came upon Aries being the tabula rasa, which is Latin for clean slate. I’m seeing that with The Fool here, the Number 0, the Child as shown by that fawn next to the dancing woman. However, the Pisces portal is still open, and here the King of Cups comes into play, inviting us to embody whatever lessons we were able to grasp from this past season. All the dreams, all the subconscious insight, all the deep soul information… the King of Cups in the “Energetic Pull” position signifies our embodiment of this learning on a deep soul level. We get to master our lessons in whatever level we are at. These lessons are not just from Pisces season… they are from the whole past year. This is the time to bring into our Being the knowledge and understanding we’ve been blessed to attain; and to release all else. There should be no sense of inadequacy here, because whatever we couldn’t learn very well, we will be given another chance to understand the next time around. This is a time of empowerment in that which we have indeed understood. Other than that, it is almost time for the new. A new phase in our soul’s journey. A new stretch of mastery of our Self and of our understanding of the universe. A new portal of pioneering, self-starting and spirit entrepreneurship is at hand. Are you ready to jump?